American Fingerprinting Services - 3 Bethesda Metro Center, Suite 700


Located at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Old Georgetown.
Three Bethesda Metro Center sits adjacent to the Bethesda Metro Station 
Public Parking and parking on site available 

 About us

 maryland livescan private provider fingerprinting services 
American Fingerprinting Services is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We serve Montgomery County as well as the rest of the State of Maryland.  AFS MD2
American Fingerprinting Services  is a Maryland certified LiveScan private provider authorized by and working under the authority of the COMAR Regulation 12.15.05,  of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services and the Information System (CJIS) of the State of Maryland to electronically submit fingerprints directly to the Maryland Information System (CJIS), for the purpose of obtaining background checks FINGERPRINTING SERVICES
American Fingerprinting Services has mobile capabilities so it is easy for your company or organization to schedule appointments at your own site. Fingerprints are sent directly to CJIS for processing, our company does not handle any results and we assure that all of our personal information is kept secret. We do not share our information with any other agency than CJIS. AFS MD1  
There are several organizations that we can help with their needs, these include:  SCHOOL FINGERPRINTING
       AFS MD2 AFSMD3
      Adoption Agencies
      Day Care providers and their families
      DC Business License (Maryland background check)
      Maryland Board of Nursing
      Child Care Providers and their employees
      School staff as teachers, coaches or volunteers
      Financial Institutions
      Handgun Licensing new or renewal     
      Private Detectives
      Security Agencies
      Security System Technicians
      Taxi Drivers
      Lawyers and their clients,
      and more
LiveScan and Rolled Fingerprinting Services (inkless) are available to the public, please feel free to call or the contact form so we can assist you. This service is provided by fingerprinting technicians with many years of experience who have been certified and trained by CJIS. 

Located at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Old Georgetown.
Three Bethesda Metro Center sits adjacent to the Bethesda Metro Station.
Convenient access from Bethesda Metro Plaza, 3 Metro Parking Garage, Bethesda Metro Station and Woodmont Ave.
Public Parking and parking on site available 

Bethesda Metro Plaza entrance

Woodmont Ave entrance

Metro station and Bethesda Bus Station Bay entrance